Following the team’s efforts in Canada, on November 3, 2020, we successfully registered TSV in Manitoba.

The reason for this, after various studies, was that Winnipeg is developing as a future hub of activities related to the medical industry, and we decided to do so due to the extensive relationships and recognition that we gained through the presence of Manitoba Technology Accelerator (MTA) in this city and province. Let’s build the headquarters and the company here.

The company’s co-founders plan to take action in the future and expand the work to establish branches in other provinces, including British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and other countries, and if necessary.

At present, all members are in contact with the legal representative and with the help of the incubator -MTA- until the members arrive and settle permanently in Canada. However, interested parties are invited to contact us through social media links and company emails in case of any request for cooperation or joint work opportunity.

Federal Corporation Information

Mohammad Izadseta

Mohammad Izadseta

Executive Engineer

300-136 Market Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0P4

T: (204) 817-0326