Atieh Nowrouzi

General Dentist with 18+ Years of Experience

Experienced Dentist with a demonstrated history of working in the private dental office and public dental clinical setting, providing exceptional dental care including oral diagnosis and treatment, dental prosthetics, endodontics, cosmetic procedure, and more. Committed to providing low-income patients with free dental treatment. Collaborative team member continually discussed with other dental specialists to provide patients with the best treatment.

Areas of Expertise

Quality Management
Cost Management
Customer Relationship Management
Root Canal Treatment

Dental Implant
Dental Filling
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Prosthetics

Bone Grafting
Jaw Surgery
Gum Surgery

Executive Experience

Tooth Secret View Company
Apr. 2018 – Present
Chief Quality Officer

Ensured that the highest level of quality standards was upheld in designing and delivering the product.
Established policies and procedures to meet quality standards.
Responsible for managing customer’s expectations through the customer satisfaction group.

Dr. Nowrouzi Dental Office
Feb. 2005 – Present
Owner & Dentist

Diagnosed oral diseases and injuries and performed surgical treatment if needed.
Performed dental procedures including extractions, bonding, filling, and repairs.
Diagnosed and treated the nerve and dental tissue.
Restored and placed dental implants, bridge, crown, and denture.
Designed and constructed dental prostheses to replace a missing tooth or cover up tooth defects.
Performed bone graft to facilitate the patient’s bone formation after some tissue loss diseases.
Improved patient’s smile using laminate veneers.

Clinic of Imam Reza 
Jan. 2002 – Jan. 2008

Trained patients about dental hygiene, treatment options, and preventative practices.
Conducted oral exams and checkups and provided patients with dental services.
Worked closely with other specialists to determine and plan the best treatments for patients.
Provided emergency treatment of dental injuries such as fractured, displaced, and cracked teeth.
Performed root canals to treat infected teeth.

Education and Credentials

Doctoral Degree – Dentistry

Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
(Sep. 1994 - May 2000)