Cloud Based Dental Practice Software For Automated Diagnosis Dental Caries Based On Artificial Intelligence.


TSV Software Features.

Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging

Automatic accurat diagnosis tooth decay based on Artificial Intelligence.



a.Fast, intelligent dental caries & perio charting
b.Document progress notes , Order, Patient history & Visual treatment user-flows.
c. Knowledge based clinical decision support(CDS) Based on ACFF Program (Alliance For a Cavity Free Future)



a.Patient portal   b.Recent doctors visit   c.Discharge Summaries   d.Lab Results   e. Medication Lists   d. Immunization Records   e. Allergy Information   f. QR COVID-19 for Checking.   g.Fast scheduling/auto-Fill chairs.   h.Fill in registration form   i. Customers relationship

Management (CRM) system

Management (CRM) system

a. Secure Messaging b.View Download Transmit
c.Patient Registration
d.Patient Scheduling
e.Appointment Reminded
d.Prescription Refills

What’s the significant benefits to investing in TSV Software?

Using artificial intelligence to automatically diagnose tooth decay helps the dentist quickly and accurately diagnose caries in a matter of seconds.
TSV Software Solutions that incorporate AI has a potential to answering basic patient questions, enhanced scheduling features, better patient communication, and improved interoperability between the administrative and clinical staff at dentist practice.

This feature of TSV Software allows you for accurate planning and improved dentist/patient communication.

TSV Software has built in mobile options such as HIPAA-compliant text messaging, mobile telemedicine, and mobile-friendly scheduling and communication.

Patients feedback and reviews are important in dentistry because most patients will read reviews and recommendations online before choosing a dentist. Including dental reputation and review management tools in TSV software makes it easy for dentists to monitor reviews and social media mentions to ensure that their practices have impeccable online reputations

Problems of traditional Software’s

  • Restrictions on data storage, mean digital X-ray images take up a lot of space thou have to buy a more expensive and bigger server every three to five years.
  • The necessity to handle several software solos in the dental offices at the same time, means, in practice, makes it challenging to summarize patient problems including treatment.

The TSV Software Solutions

Be the heroes of dentistry caries diagnosis

The TSV as an all-in-one software, artificial intelligence SaaS software can produce personal outputs of combining patient information.

  • The TSV software is able to enhance excellence in the dental field, handling dental caries detection, classification, and segmentation works by emulating the structure and learning process like a human brain. It utilizes a machine-learning algorithm including automatically highlights areas of dental decay found on digital radiographs.
  • More accuracy in diagnosis oral problems with image enhancement tools like brightness adjustment and contrast, labelling, annotations, and so on.
  • Dentists never have to buy a server repeatedly, the TSV comes with unlimited cloud storage.
  • Reduces IT expenses, and save your money. Not only does the TSV reduce security risks, but automatic updates and continuous backups are included in your monthly subscription.
  • Increases Revenue, Artificial intelligence tools, as of now, can increase clinics’ revenue by 25%. This can happen because software solutions can increase the chair time of dentists by cutting down the time wasted on analyzing reports.
  • Time-Saving, artificial intelligence-based analysis of dental radiographs saves time in patient care. Appreciations to deep graphic visualizations of an objective second opinion, patient acceptance will be improved for earlier treatment or additional examinations.
  • Operating Techniques, the TSV software has the potential capabilities to create an advice policy based on ICMMS(TM) guide to maintain health and preservative structure.
  • Staging of the caries process and activity assessment is followed by risk _Adjusted Preventive control of initial non_cavitated lesions, and following decision for conservative restorative. attend to the treatment of deep dentinal and cavitated caries lesions by a dentist. (The dentist decides on the type of treatment)
  • Personalize Dental Health Care, the TSV software collected comprehensive data for effective management of dental caries and cavities for each patient moreover arranged personalized dental health care.

12 advantages of cloud computing service

  • Cost Savings: Easy, and speedy access to data will save your time and capital
  • Security: More comfortable to engage government compliance obligations throughout data encryption
  • Flexibility: Significant capacity to immediately satisfy business demand, and outfit extra bandwidth
  • Mobility: Grants access to corporate data remotely
  • Insight: Simply recognize and build custom reports to examine data
  • Increased Collaboration: Share information easily and securely across the world
  • Quality Control: Avoiding any failure, and have a clear history of any revisions or updates by integrating data
  • Disaster Recovery: Providing agile data recovery for all sorts of emergency scenarios
  • Loss Prevention: Data remains secure and easily accessible from any network globally without concern of missing
  • Automatic Software Updates: Save valuable time and money via automatically refresh without outsourcing
  • Competitive Edge: Gain a more substantial competitive advantage by overtaking the local dataset
  • Sustainability: Support environmental proactivity, powering virtual services, improving energy efficiency, and reducing any related emissions

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