Before COVID-19, we were all waiting for the year 2020, but this year did not wait for us. 

We expected to celebrate, the beginning of a new year, a new century and a new beginning, but the earth did not dream of celebrating. The earth was not promising, nature was not satisfactory, we had done badly, each one of us. Personally, in the last few years, I have always thought anxiously about returning to the natural life of my ancestors and making the best usage of technology to save nature.

Living in quarantine, losing friends and colleagues, changing the normal lifestyles in the world in a few days proved to me that this path may not be logical.

However, watching human beings try to escape the deadlock, the sacrifices of doctors and nurses, attempts to make a vaccine, the use of thermal cameras to identify fevered patients, all with artificial intelligence, I noticed something else, most people were waiting for a miracle from science to solve pandemic problems.

Some people did not believe in the vaccine and were naturally expecting herd immunity, they did not believe in modification, I like everything naturally, however, I strongly advocate vaccination and the use of technology to solve pandemic problems. Dark days came, the coronavirus surprised us and revealed our weakness in these cases. Certainly, we have problems in other areas that are not obvious to us, and we have not done well.

As a dentist and my job, I realize I can use the miracle of technology including the use of artificial intelligence to help people to return to the preservation of natural structures. Especially in the field of artificial intelligence if we act patiently and professionally by creating a connection between engineering and natural sciences in the early detection of problems and provide appropriate solutions.

We thought this significant skill could teach us how much we are strong through the teamworking, and handle remarkable ideas through entrepreneurship.

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