Each person has a unique smile that deserves a personal oral care plan tailored to their needs

The TSV software is modernizing the traditional aspects of dentistry. It is an Ai-based system used to design automated data management and diagnosis in dentistry. The TSV systems have been used for better diagnosis and predicting the prognosis. Based on this automatic diagnosis, the TSV software offers the best dental care for each person.

What Is Personalized Dental Care?
Every dentist knows the importance of oral health and its effect on their patients’ overall health, self-confidence, and general happiness.
TSV software can offer personalized dental care.
Personalized dental care is an overarching framework for dental care that unifies predictive technologies with an engaged patient to coordinate dental care to promote health and prevent tooth decay. We need it for next-generation patient engagement during the dental care journey.

The TSV software to personalize Dental Care can:
a.Scheduling a Follow-Up Appointment
b.Offering General Preventive Care
c.Offering Specialized Preventive Care

The TSV software puts patients controlling dental health. Additionally, it increases dental care professionals’ ability to understand better the day-to-day patterns and needs of the people they care for. They can provide better feedback, guidance, and support for staying healthy with that understanding.

It also can increase productivity and the efficiency of care delivery and allow healthcare systems to provide more and better care to more people. It is based on an AI algorithm that can help improve healthcare practitioners’ experience, enabling them to spend more time in direct patient care and reducing burnout.


Dr. Atieh Nowrouzi

Chief Quality Officer at TSV

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